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"Embrace Your Inner Rebelle and Reclaim Your Life! "

Be the Heroine of Your Own Success Story

Find your voice and live your life on your own terms

You are successful, well educated, wildly talented, unconventional and want to forge your own path? To achieve more influence, to earn more money and to bring the vision you have to life?

You know what you want and yet sometimes you feel blocked? From conventions, traditions, expectations, trauma? You wish to be heard, seen and understood in your whole potential?

I can help you with that. My versatile, successful experience as an entrepreneur in various areas of life, coupled with my holistic training as a coach and therapist, enable me to support you in the best possible way during your transformation.

Boost Your Confidence Today



Install unshakable self-confidence in only 28 days
and unleash your full potential.

"Your Subconscious is Your Superpower! "

Your Subconscious

Your personal key to success

If you want to pursue your own path unwaveringly and achieve your goals faster, you need to get your subconscious on board. No matter if you are thinking about personal growth, health, relationships or your career.

The subconscious mind is responsible for 95% of our actions, and yet we hardly communicate with it.

Every time you set goals for yourself, like finally implementing your plans, not caring what others think, or just following your path - you go about it with your cognitive awareness, the logical part of your mind.

Unfortunately, you often encounter internal as well as external resistance. No matter how hard you try: with only 5% of your brain you won't get very far. The other 95%, primed to protect you at all costs, especially from new things (thank you very much, stone age brain...), stand in your way, having the best of intentions.

The good news: You have a choice.

You can learn to reprogram your subconscious mind and activate it for new tasks so that it becomes your reliable partner. Under my guidance, you will learn how to use your desire for change and willingness to step out of your comfort zone to achieve all your goals in the shortest possible time.

With a RTT®️ session, you'll take a proven shortcut, dissolve hindering beliefs, and anchor new, supportive beliefs that will lead you to success.

RTT®️ Sessions are available as part of my 1-to-1 coaching package. 

A Variety of Ways to Work With Me

For Doers. Entrepreneurs. Experts. Artists. Rebelles. For you!

Deep Dive

Your way to success

Sometimes all it takes is a single session with a neutral counterpart to see things more clearly again and gain perspective.

Together we will find out what your personal path to success looks like and how to accelerate it.

On top of that, we will work out your next steps so that your transformation starts right away.

Duration: 1.5 h
EUR 497

Coaching & Therapy

Success. Mental Health. Resilience.

Multidimensional and integrative coaching. Coaching (Shamanic Counseling, energy work, RTC®️ and RTT®️).

Private coaching is particularly suitable for high-achieving individuals who value rapid progress.

If you want an in-depth, swift transformation and appreciate the personal support and intimacy of 1:1 work, this is the right choice for you.

I recommend that you book a deep dive session first to see if we're a good fit.

If you wish to continue working with me, I will create a bespoke offer for you.

The Rebelle


A group coaching program in which you awaken the rebelle in you and rediscover your purpose in life.

You will gain clarity about your professional dreams and desires and develop the self-confidence and courage to turn them into reality.

Start anytime
12 x EUR 300

VIP-Option available


"You are my absolute VIP coach. No one else ever again. And you were absolutely right last time. Again."
C. Raimondi
Creative Design
"I have to admit that I had been looking forward to my appointment with mixed feelings. Hypnosis... But I was desperate. And since I had heard nothing but good things from Virginia, I gritted my teeth and went. Thank goodness. I feel so much better! I finally got up the nerve to put myself in the running for a promotion. I got the job. 🥳 "
A. Hirschi
HR Manager
"Taking a nap while developing my very own superpowers? Well, sure, I'm in.
P.S. It actually works!"
M. Hickle
High Performance Sports Coach

What’s the Right Thing for YOU?

The Rebelle Path Mastermind

You're not quite there yet? You know you can't go on like this, but you don't know exactly where your future journey will take you either? During the Mastermind The Rebelle Path with weekly live coaching elements in the group, and accompanying hypnosis audios for each success saboteur, you find clarity in terms of your vision for the future and know in which direction you want to go.

As Unique as You Are - 1 : 1 Coaching & Therapy

You prefer a personal approach and my undivided attention?
Then the private 1 : 1 coaching and therapy is perfect for you.

Personal Assessment

Still not sure which is the perfect option for you? Book now a Free 20 min assessment. We will work together to establish which path is the right fit for you.

Virginia Fox

Integrative Coach, C. Hyp. RTT® Practitioner und bestselling author

Focused on your success, practical and with a bag full of experiences and ideas from my own life as an entrepreneur, I will show you how to shed old belief patterns and find clarity and the courage you need to pursue your dreams and turn them into reality.

Self-reliant. Independent. Kind but uncompromising.

For rebelles and those who aspire to be one.


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